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About Our Fares

As a high volume producer for numerous international airlines, JustFares.Com has the power to negotiate bulk rates and great discounts to all of the world's destinations. Airlines use consolidators to move market share and fill low yield seats in various market sectors. Consolidators do not pre-purchase seats and then unload them at the last minute, as commonly believed. Rather, rates are negotiated and the seat inventory is controlled by the airlines involved. Tickets we sell, allow the same choice of flight and schedule as with normal published airfares. Differences between normal and negotiated airfares come in the form of change penalties and refund policies. Please make sure to check these with your agent, as all airlines have different policies.

What makes JustFares.Com a better choice than others? As a "Direct to Consumer" consolidator, JustFares.Com can beat any fare offered on airlines it represents. Our agents have a wide selection of fares to choose from and are interested only in offering you the best price for your travel needs. The agents are not trained to be loyal to one carrier over the other. If you are a mileage partner and would like to fly on an affiliated carrier, notify our agents, as they have many options to choose from. Most importantly our dedicated agents are ready to serve you as your personal travel advisor. They can be reached via email, messenger, mobile, text and phone at the office. They are ready to work overtime to make sure your trip goes smoothly before, during and after your trip.

What airlines do we currently represent? American Airlines - United Airlines - Continental Airlines - US Air - Northwest Airlines - Delta Airways - Japan Airways - Air NewZealand - Air India - China Airlines - Korean Air - Thai Airways - Hawaiian Air - South African Airways - Iberian Airlines - Ethiopian Airlines - Indian Airlines - Asiana Airlines- Malaysian Airlines - Eva Airways - Singapore Airlines - Emirates Airlines - Garuda Airways - Gulf Air - British Midland - Iceland Air - Air Canada - Cathay Pacific - Royal Nepal - Jet Airways


Justfares issues 99% of its tickets as E-Tickets.
A traveler's worst nightmare used to be losing a paper ticket. Whether for a bus, train or airplane, losing the tickets was a major inconvenience. As technology has advanced, and more and more travelers are booking their own flights online, the e-ticket has become the ticket of choice with airlines. An e-ticket is an electronic airline ticket, or electronic reservation. A traveler with an e-ticket is not issued a traditional paper ticket. Instead, he prints out his reservation information, and often his boarding pass, from e-mail before heading to the airport. The reservation is in the airline's computer system. The e-ticket saves airlines money because they do not have to spend money and postage issuing paper tickets. The e-ticket is also more reliable, since the traveler need not depend on the mail to receive his ticket, or on a ticketing clerk at the airport, who may not know a ticket was to be held for the traveler at the counter.

Dedicated Agents

Justfares is proud of its hands-on agent only experience. Our customers appreciate the customer care and attention the agents are able to give them. Your agent will be available to you via email, phone, messenger and even mobile phone on weekends. They are available to serve your needs before, during and after your trip. We call it "Corporate Care For Everyone" and we mean it.

Paying For Flights

To pay for your flights simply call your agent and provide payment details over the phone. In some cases we require customers to send payment details via Fax or scanned via email - such as front and back of credit card as well as a copy of the ID of the card holder. This is for 3rd party payments or destinations where the airlines require proof of payment authorization such as Lagos, Africa and other international destinations where credit card fraud is prevelant. Our main concern is the protection of our customers from credit card fraud.


As 99% of our tickets are issued electronicaly there is minimal shipping of tickets to customers. When cases arise on airlines that do not support e-ticketing we only use the services of UPS or FedEx.